Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators for Travel Agencies in Bhutan

Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators for Travel Agencies in Bhutan

Every Bhutan Tour operator is a member of ABTO, the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators, a not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of the tour operators and the Bhutanese tourism industry.

Bhutan opened to tourism only in the 70s as a government-run enterprise and the first tourist officially arrived in 1974. The industry was liberalised to allow private operators in 1997 and ABTO was formed at the turn of millennium. It is the recognised representative of tour operators in Bhutan and tour operators form its primary membership and is headed by an executive director and governed by a board.

ABTO’s mission is to raise Bhutanese tourism industry to the highest standards of service, ethics and professionalism within the overall development philosophy of the country, which is Gross National Happiness.  Its objective is to represent and promote the collective interests of the Bhutanese tour operators or travel agencies at national and international forums.

Being a member of ABTO is a seal of authenticity so every tour company is registered with ABTO to indicate it is a legal and genuine entity operating in Bhutan.

The association maintains a database of all tour operators in the country, which today numbers in the hundreds. Visitors should check to see whether the tour company they wish to come through is a member of the association.

ABTO, with support from the Tourism Council of Bhutan, has been able to lobby for and work towards more efficient arrangements such as processing of visas for visitors.

The association also regularly makes interventions to ensure the market is attractive and serves concerns of operators and visitors. So bhutanBokar a reputed company who follows all the rules and guidelines specified by association of Bhutan.

It also undertakes studies to develop the industry, discourages unfair competition, encourages social activities to promote goodwill and protects the interests of members from malpractices. It also raises or borrows funds that may be required by the association to better the industry.

The association looks forward to feedback from visitors on the quality of tours offered by the operators and suggestions to make it better.

An adrenaline boost for the whole family – Laya Gasa Trek

An adrenaline boost for the whole family – Laya Gasa Trek

Bhutan is set apart from the rest of the world by its variety in culture and the different ways in which people live and survive there. Bhutan is known for having a lot of trekking spots and areas which rank very high in terms of adventure levels, especially for adrenaline junkies. The different treks in Bhutan make it a very special place to visit. It is bordered by China in its north and India to the south. One of the most popular treks is the Laya Gasa Trek.  The Laya Gasa Trek is also commonly known as the Chomolhari Trek or the Jomolhari trek or even the Jomolhari Laya Gasa Trek. The Chomolhori Mountain lies a little in Tibet, China and a little in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan.

Laya Gasa Trekking is known to have a maximum point of elevation at 4930 meters. Its highest camp, meanwhile, stands at 4080 meters. This trek is known for giving a marvelous view of the magnificent Himalayan landscapes. This a trek of nine nights, ten days with a difficulty rating of moderate to strenuous difficulty depending upon the capabilities and experience of the trekkers or mountain climbers. The Laya Gasa trek has two seasons ideal for going through with it. One is between the months of March and June and the other is during the October- November time.

Laya Gasa Trek

The varying altitude of the ascents of the Trekking or Trek – Tours makes it a very popular one in the kingdom of Bhutan. All you need other than your trekking material is your Laya Gasa Trek map and you’re set for the hike of your lifetime. This varying altitude is from 2500 meters all the way to the highest point at 4930 meters. The trek on the Chomolhari Mountains provides a beautifully scenic view of all the nature around. There are pristine lakes, blooming flowers, exotic animals, the combined magic of the flora and fauna, and most importantly many different wonderful views of the snow- capped peaks that belong to Mt. Chomolhari. If you look carefully, you may even get to sneak a glance at many other peaks in the distance.

This trek lasts for an average of a week and a half. The Laya Gasa Trek itinerary includes stopping at very beautiful spots to enjoy the nature. The hike includes passing through villages that make one feel the difference in the way the natives of Bhutan and the various tribes survive. There is hike through crystalline lakes, beautiful flowers, lands of animals seen rarely, and the combined majesty of them all added to the vastly different lifestyle.

The mains time to visit the Laya Gasa Trek in Bhutan hike Trip and Tours is either between the months of April to June or in the time of October- November. The Laya Gasa Trek price is available for regular discounts every now and then. So call up your agent and book your entry into Bhutan now, before the offers are over! Bhutan is a definite recommendation for a family vacation at least once.